Thursday, January 25, 2007

Its Country Music Time - Yiyha!!!

Its Country Music Time again, when the streets of Tamworth are a rythem of jazz, country, violins, pan pipes and didgerydoos!!!!

Emelia, Mum and I went to Tamworth for the day yesterday to experience the atmosphere. Mum has never been before. We had a great day singing along and dancing to the music, much to Emelias constant embarrasment!! Notice the face in her photo!!!

The loveliest surprise of all for mum was running into old friends Kevin & Pat King. Mum and her sister Jacquie toured with the Reg Lydsey show way back when. Jacquie was the "talent", mum went to keep her company, but did sing with her in the early days. Kevin King was another big name in the tour. Its been over 50 years since mum has seen them. We went to see Aunty Jacquies costumes in the Country Music Museum and mum told them her yarn - as she does..... to everyone who will listen...... and they told her the Kevin was doing an appearance there today and was in the lunchroom. Well, Mum nearly wet herself with excitement. Kevin was inducted into the Roll of Renound on Tuesday - a big honour for those who are in it. Mum, Kevin and his wife Pat caught up and reminesced about old times. Mum couldnt contain how absolutely beside herself with excitement she was. It was like "See, all these things ive told you about - heres the proof - I know this man and he knows me!!!" I felt excited for Mum too. It was wonderful to see her so happy.

I ahve also attached some photos of Aunty Jacquies costumes, notice how tiny she was. She was the youngest recording artist at the time. She used to yodel.

And was hugely popular.
Its funny because when I met Stu, his dad was a huge fan of Jacqueline Hall. He still has some of her records and listens to them.
When he found out i was the neice of Jacqueline Hall he was so excited. He pulled out her records. When we announced we were to be married, it was Stus dads dream to meet her. When he did meet her, he was too awstruck to say anything. poor man. But what a strange circle of events..
So that was our fun day yesterday........

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