Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Well, hasnt it been a busy one today!!!
Valentines is always a very busy day. We have blown up hundreds of balloons today!! Im so tired!!

An update on the new job -
Its wonderful!! Im so totally wrapped with it all. The workplace is very pleasant to work in and very happily boring with no politics amoungst staff and not catty bitching!! Believe me, from my work history - this is wonderful!!!
Its very full-on with all the training - theres 18 months of it in total with the first month being full-time training.

Later in the Day:
Well, Valentines Day is now over. I did my last d3livery at 5.00pm. Its been a huge day with 100s of balloons being distributed around Gunnedah. Nearly 300 at the High School alone!!! Plus 100 slik flowers that i supplied.
Im so tired now!! Ready for bed.

Weight Loss:
For those of you ie: Leanne who are keeping an eye on my weight loss journey - things are going wonderful. Finally I found what was slowing things down and fixed it, so Im back on the wagon again - a bit beated and bruised from falling of the wagon - LOL - but its all good.
I feel wonderful and am getting positive comments everyday - which makes me feel special.
Honestly, If I can do this anyone can!! And I mean that. Theres nothing at all special about me. Im not particularly strong willed or anything - just determined that i am going to do this for myself. Maybe the feeling to discribe myself with the weight loss is selfish. I am doing this for ME and me alone!!! I dont care what other people think - its me Im trying to please!!!

With work - this is a non goer at the mo. I have some classes to teach in term two - so I have to get my rear in gear!!!

Linda - I have changed my mind about the bow. Its not too bad. Last weekend I had a round with no misses!! Three arrow all count and no misses is huge for me. I scored 1070 out of 1200.
I ony got 3 Cs at well. Only about 3 60s. But this is good. I only roughed in the sites, so I am pleased with that. I have got lighter arrows going through it and its going about that 280 feet now, so the extra speed is good. So its all good. Id really like to be A grade by the Australia titles, but i really dont think it will happen. We only ahve two scoring rounds before it and i need to shoot 3. I wonder what you have to shoot for a grade anyway? Have to look at that.

Anyway, Im dead tired!! And off to bed. Seeya

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