Saturday, April 21, 2007

Long time ....... No See..........

Well, its certainly been a while since I last posted..... Not that anyone is reading this...... But maybe the odd person might come across it.

Been fullon with work and stuff. My month of full-time turned into 8 weeks. Was very hectic trying to fit everything in.

Went to Wagga Wagga for the National Archery titles and came home with 2 gold and a bronze. Not happy with the Bronze!! Second loser as far as i see it!!! But the upside is that i was a thrid to Linda who came second. We were happy with that, but it would ahve been better gold and silver!! - Next Year!!!!

This is my shoot group for the 3D event. We had some wonderful laughs!!!!

Heres me being silly and riding the goat to remove my arrow!!! Ok, you had to be there!!! lol

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