Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Weigh In Day

Well, today is weigh in day with Julie at Jenny Craig. Julie is a lovely lady and we have become quite good friends.

I had great week as far as wight loss goes. Lost 1.4 kilos. A good week after not losing anything for so long and putting on weight over christmas!!!!

I informed her of my goal for 2007 as in getting to my goal weight by June. This is achiveable, I just really need to stay focused!!! It will happen.

However, until the temptation of the christmas left overs finally leave my house I am going to have a probelm with snacking!! *Note to self - not as many pretzels or savory shapes for Christmas 2007!!!

I have done a couple of layouts and just uploaded 4 to For Keeps Kates Blog Competition. Looking for fresh faces of people that have never been published before - thats ME!!!
Cross my fingers!!

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