Monday, January 1, 2007

Day One of the Rest of My Life

Werent the fire works last night spectacular!! With roof tops exploding in spectacular colour, Im pretty sure I had the best vantage spot!! On a comfy lounge in my home.

This year is going to be a land mark year for me. It will be the year I finally ditch the weight thats been plauging me since Primary School. It will finally be over!!!! I am so stoked to have made it this far, I just know that i will go the rest of the way. I am still 100% determined.

I started on Jenny Craig in September 2005 weighing in at a staggering 114kgs. Having already that year tried Weight Watchers and a very expensive and hugely dissappointing Dr Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic. To anyone thinking about dishing out the 100s of dollars for that program and enduring the endless bloodtests - DONT!!!! Its a complete waste of money - unless you are into eating cabbage for breakfast everyday for the rest of your life. There is no-one that I know off thats been on this diet that hasnt lost heaps and then put it all back on plus some at the end of it. She guarantees the program, but i still havnt benefitted from that guarantee!!!

Anyway, on a more pleasant note, I finished 2006 weighing in with a 30.4 kilo loss. Im still not sure what my final goal will be as having never been this size before, I am heavy boned and use weights ( both of which have you weighing heavier than if not). Im thinking I want to be a size 12, maybe a 10. Im a size 16 now, so its not that far to go.

On my favorite Scrapbooking site Cyberscraps, we are running a Cyberscraps Biggest Loser 2007. Hopefully this will be great to help stay positive as being excited by the weight loss of other ladies, will help me to stay on track. Not everyone needs to lose alot though, some are just a few kilos, but we can all use a little inspiration. Please come and visit and join in if you wish to.

My Goals for 2007

  • Reach my goal weight
  • Compete at the National Archery Titles in Wagga Wagga, in A grade and win it!!!
  • Compete in the Australian IFAA Archery Titles in A grade and finish in the top 5. I won the World IFAA titles last year in my division competing in B grade.
  • Have a scrapbooking layout published in one of the top 3 magazines

I know all of these goals are achieveable if I really put my mind to it. These are all very personal goals for me. The whole, I want to get rich this year thing just isnt me. What will be will be in that area. As long as I keep providing an excellent service, there is no reason why my business wont continue to be successful.

Best Wishes for 2007. I hope you achieve whatever goals you seet your mind to this year.

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