Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update of Happenings

Here i am in fine form shooting the final of my 100 arrows to shoot the new bow in. Its like driving a new car 1000 kms before you start chucking donuts and burnouts.

Anyway, now i have to sight it all in, which takes me ages. But once its done properly it done and that the main thing. My goal is to shoot A grade in ABA this year. I only ahve three more weeks to practise before our grading, so i have to stop scrapping and start shooting!!
Got the archery range complete now and my nails survived, although the body didnt. I ached all over!! Rolling those huge heavy archey target butts up and down gullys is definately a full body workout!!!!

Speaking of scrapping, i have always wanted to do an altered note book as i conduct alot of business in woolworths or up the street, and need to keep all my notes in one place. A diary holds no importance for me as if its small enough to fit in my bag, than its too small to record all info on the day. IYKWIM. So i did my note book. I am really happy with how it turned out.
I have also been making a 2007 "A year of Reminices" calender for my MIL for chrissy. We will exchange gifts later in the month. It has photos from when her and FIL were young and also has photos of their young family. I really hope she likes it.
Well, thats my week. Balloons have been slow, as it is in the school holidays, but Valentines Day is jsut around the corner so i ahve heaps of time to prepare for that. I am ordering in from the Gold Coast as exclusive chocolate range for valentines...... this will be hugely tempting for me as i love chocy. Lets hope they all sell, and i wont be forced to eat it myslef!!!!
Righteo, thats me. Seeya

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