Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I heard feed back on my blogger today from the most wonderful "Arch rival" in my archery world!!! lol Linda you know who you are!!!

You pointed out quite blunty that there wasnt any bow photos on my blog - a huge discrepancy for an archer!!! So here is the photo. Its a Mathews Prestige Bow and Red - because red goes faster!!! lol

It has my old afjustable site as it took a year to get this site right, Im not going to get a new one and have to start from scratch!! Has my old long stabilizer, and wrist strap etc from my old Mustang.

I am keeping the Mustang for now, I'll see how i go with the extra weight first. But the most exciting thing is the gorgeous leather "pimp" cap that came with the bow!! A leather cap!! Who would have heard of such thing - only in America!! But it is so comfortable, I may just be redneck enough to wear it!!! Now thats a worry.

Another issue Linda "bought to my attention" was the typo on my goals for the year. Linda claims that I will be equal first!!!! Believe me, if we could arrange an equal first, thats what we would do too!! We love competing against each other, and we are both out to win, no holding back. Linda is so going to whip me this year in 3D, as she has improved so much. She won the top 10 shootout at the 3D Nationals last year against all men!! Linda is such a tiny little piece of dynomite, and its so great she did so well!!!!

I'll see if I can find a photo from the shootout!! This is Linda in the black and white photo.

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