Friday, January 19, 2007

My Life has come full circle - Part 1

I dont know how much detail to go into about my life, but its interesting to some people, so here i go.......

In 2000 I got my dream job, which in the end turned out to be the job from hell. Needless to say when I walked out the door on my last day, with no fairwell or thankyou and with my confidence shattered I wasnt feeling very confident about myself. During my employment I underwent systematic verbal abuse, bullying, being ganged up on and the worst part was no end to the attacks on my personality. Even to the point of being belittled infront of the manager and three board members by being told i dont talk properly. My speech is "Common". I dont pronounce my gings and anything else they could think of. At the time I held it together quite well, but once the attack was over and i was by myself i suffered my very first of many mental breakdowns. Just 3 months into my dream job with another 2 years and 9 months to go!!

Not only was the staff and management in the place bad, but the expectations were increadable. I was hired to do a certain job, of which the previous person wasnt capable of doing and actually sublet other offices to complete for her (the board was not aware of this) but as my skills increased due to the added expectations of me, my work load increased by 200%. Not only was i doing my job, but my assistants and the managers jobs!!! I am so NOT exagerating!!

Ok, its getting too late.... better go to bed and finish the yarn tomorrow!!!

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