Sunday, January 7, 2007

So much for a French Manicure

The day was starting off to be a lovely relaxing Sunday. Watching the mid day movie, washing done and drying on the line....time to start thinking about getting some scrapbooking done..... then the husband came home!!!

He and my son had been out to our local archery range. We do field archery and shoot at targets which are big wool packs filled with stuff (plastic, cloth etc), and then a cardboard target is hooked onto it.

My husband is now range captain, which means he gets the pleasure of playing with archers minds now by setting up a difficult range making distances hard to judge. We dont know how far the target is away - part of archery is being able to judge the distance.

By the way, the range is actually quite a way out of town in the bush!! Bugs and snakes and horrible ticks!!!!

Anyway, as i was lazing away, my husband decides to go back out to finish setting up a new range, and my son refuses to help this time. He is exhausted!! Guess who speaks up? "Umm, would you like me to go and help you" I says!!! "Why yes, that would be lovely" says the husband.

By the way again, the range is UP hill. Ok, so we get to the range. I have to help rake all the leaves and branches to make paths from one but to another. nothing has been walking here since the dinosaurs I think for the amount of rubbish. I had to roll these big heavy buts into place. Knock down old dead trees with my bare hands and feet!!! Walk up and down rocky hills.

I am exhausted too, my son had the right idea i think. I just had my nails nicely french polished last week, so you can imagine them now. And the blisters all over my hands. I can barely type. I can feel by sides aching from all the raking and i can just smell the pain i will be in, in the morning!!!! Think twice before offering help next time!!!

Below is a slide show of a typical walk to the lookout everyday and the beautiful view and wildlife we encounter. The no tail bird is still alive after we first spotted him about two weeks ago running for cover!!!! Those koalas have been in the same trees for a couple of days now and we always get a great welcome home from the roos, who love nibbling in the paddock behind our house!!! Yep, we live in the country!!

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