Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A bit of a catchup....

Firstly, look at our beautiful boy now he has had a bath...
Isnt he adorable!!
Look at that head!! Gosh no wonder he took his sweet time arriving the NATURAL way!!!
No drugs either girls!! Can you imagine!!
Kel is now my HERO!!!
Here is my New Hero
My SIL Kel.
Doesnt she have that
"Natural Mummy" look about her.............

And once again Daddy
Who braged to me today that Zane chucked his first burn out!!!
Im pretty sure it may have been daddy pushing his little hosiptal basinette,
But he was very proud never the less!!!
Look at the look Zane has for his Daddy!!
These two are going to be such great mates!!!
Zane is one lucky little boy!!!

Now onto my Scrapbooking News....
Here is the latest sketch from Crafty Sketches....
Here is my take on it...
I was just saying before, that i so need some more photos!!
Tada... One new baby!!!
I will have enough photos now for a while!!!!
"Food Time"

Here is the one layout i have done in the last week!!
Other things going on lately!!!!
"Round Up"

I had Woolies ring me about a job this week..
They needed Aeroplane balloons for a promotion!!!
So look what i came up with
(With the help of some very talented lady who downloaded her instructions on the internet!!)
Isnt it cute!!
they are very happy and have ordered a stack of them!!!!
Locals can call into the shop on Monday and check out the promotion!!!
And finally
Ness gave me this award last week...
"Your blog makes me smile!!"
Isnt it sweet!
Thanks so much Ness....
So many blogs make me smile and i will award the same poeple i always do!
All the blogs on my blog list!!!
So please accept your reward!!
Ok, finally, i think thats about it for today!!


lindy said...

Jodi he is one cute boy....and Kell looks so well after that labour.
great lo. lots of boy lo's coming Ha!

Nicole aka nicrus said...

He's so cute!

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
Thanks for the email...I knew it wouldn't take long for Zane to take his first burnout even if it was his dad, he is cute. and yes i think Kel will a lot of women out theres HERO. NO DRUGS..Way to Go Kel....I can feel some new baby layouts coming on

kerry said...

HAve a look at him great to see that all is well.Now baby boy layouts not that i do many i find them too hard lol.Take care Kerry xx

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

oohhh, so cute! well done Kel. And Jodi you better add me to your hero list (LOL), my guys came into the world drug free too!


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