Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Again Again....

I have travelled so many kilometres this last couple of weeks!!
To Calourdra and back 31 May - 1 June
Then to Sydney and Back on Wednesday and Thursday
and tonight i have just got home from Port
Travelling up after the Emergency phone call from Gazza yesterday!!!
So sick of driving i can tell you!!!!

Anyway, Zane is taking his sweet time thank you very much!!!
Contractions are between 10 and 3 minutes over the last two days...
But right at the moment they are quite strong 5 minutes appart... so we'll see!!!

Here are some photos i took last night
Poor Kel was having pains and in fits of laughter!!!!
I LOVE Kells T-Shirt....
"Does my bump look big in this"
Junior wanted in on the action...
as always
He always shows off when the camera comes out!
He is going to make such a great big brother!!!
Here is one of the reasons for the fits of laughter!!! Gary can be so funny!!!

Anyway, I left Port about 3pm. So tired!
I stopped at Apsley Falls to use the loo!! I was dying!!!!
So took some photos of the pretty water and experimented with some settings.
It was maybe after 4.30pm. so it was getting a bit dark..
I used the Natural light setting.
It was still too light to adjust the shutter speed, but made them too over exposed!

So, a week to get back to normal.
Working on a bit of a scrapping project at the moment!!
Ive got one of the four projects done!!
Istarted on the hard one first, but i am thinking the hard one might be the easy one!! lol
Very criptic hey!!


heirloomscrapping said...

WOW now thats some travelling now just to wait and see what the baby is hope all is well Kim

lindy said...

hope all goes well with Mum and Babe...well as the saying goes your've been everyway man...
good luck with the scrappin Jodi

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

ugh...contractions lasting over 2 days and bub still not here - that must be awful for her!!

Kylie said...

Hopefully bub has made an appearance by now!! BEST WISHES to the new parents & congrats to Aunty Jodi!! Good luck iwth your scrappin..whatever it may be it'll be great!!

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
Thanks for the call on the way home, glad to know baby Zane is on his way. Glad you made it home ok..Talk Soon...Lisa XOXOXO

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