Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to the World - Zane Gary Heagney

After a very long Labour!!
Kel's pains started on Friday!!!
Zane Gary Heagney came into the world
about 8.00am this morning
Weighing in at about 9 pound!!!!

I dont know the exact details yet.

Here is a very proud Daddy!!
Apparently Gary has not long given him back to his Mummy!!!
A doting Daddy!!
Here is a closer shot!!
He definately has those Heagney Genes....
Although nothing like his Daddy was.
Here is a photo of his Daddy when he was a couple of weeks old..
Skinny little mite he was!!!
Hands are a long running joke in our house...
When i was a baby, everyone gooed and gaed over me, until Nanny caught sight of my hands.
Nanny (Dads Mum) had lovely femine hands, with long manicured nails...
Mine were pudgy and wrinkly and BIG!!!
So Nanny was saying "Oh isnt she beautiful, but look she has Margarets horrible hands!!"
Well, looks like Zane has the big "Creative" hands too!!!
Theres nothing he will attempt that he wont achieve if his hands are anything like Mine or his Nannys....
And here is a very proud Nanny!
Mum rang me in tears about 8.00am this morning!!!!
So thrilled about her little grandson!!!


Jackie / Kate said...

Huge Congrats to the proud parents Gary & Kel....WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD...THERE AINT NOTHIN' BETTER !! ohhhh yes and welcome to the world Master Zane xox

lindy said...

Welcome little Zane and congrats to the parents and all is well,and i bet aunty Jodi is very proud now you have some baby pics to take

Wendy said...

A huge congratulations to the proud parents and proud Aunty and Grandma!!!! Welcome to the world baby Zane!!

Joanne said...

Congratulations to everyone and to little Zane he's beautiful.

Lisa A said...

Congratulations Aunty Jodi and Uncle Stu, You will have to teach him how to scrapbook Jodi and Stu will have to teach him about motorbike riding LOL LOL

passion4pinkblog said...

Congratulations to you all!! I bet his Aunty will spoil him rotten!!He looks to be a around the 9 lb too. My oldest girl was 8lb 15oz born but she is now the thinnest and shortest of the three, imagine that!!Welcome to your healthy baby boy!!!He is so handsome.

Lisa A said...

Look at Zane's dad when he was little just as cute as Zane, and Congratulations Margaret on becoming a grandma once again

kerry said...

Cograts to you all thats fantastic they all look well.TAke care KErry xx

kerry said...

Cograts to you all thats fantastic they all look well.TAke care KErry xx

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