Thursday, June 11, 2009


As promised, here is my trip to Sydney to see P!nk!!!

Emelia was very excited about driving into the City!!
I on the other hand was petrafied!! And that stupis Japanese Crap of a GPS!!! OMG, we again got so lost with it, after i paid $100 for an update!!!
It tells you to go right and then changes its mind and says left!!
It did that so many times!!!
And if i hear recalculating one more time, its going out the damn window!!!!

Anyway, back to the trip...
Heading into the city!!
"Look theres the bridge!!"

I cant beleive i walked this!!
It feels like a lifetime ago, but i think it was 2006??
To fill in time we went to the Aquarium.
Apparently Emelia was secretly hoping that we would!!! Too funny, she should have just said she wanted to instead of waiting for me to suggest it!!
No, shes too grown up for fish now!!! Too funny!!!
Look, a shark!!
Then there were great opportunities to practise my new found photography skills!!
I left the shutter open for 2.5 seconds on Shutter Priority!!

Here we are at gate F lined up and ready to go!!
We got there way to early, but you know how it is when your from the Country!!! Its all very new!!

Our seats were S10 & 11. Not too bad even though we were so high up.....
Got really great photos and stuff!!
The warm up band was
I havnt googled them yet, but they were quiet good and very visually entertaining!!
They didnt just stand there, they all were all over the place!!!
Then came

I cant beleive she opened with ACDC Thunderstruck!!! How awesome was that!!
Certrainly got the crowd going.....
But that was on the screen before she rose up from the floor with the first song...
I got so many great photos!!
Will upload them to a photobucket account and will post a link here when i get some time!!!

This song was "Touch Myslef by Divynals"
It was so soft porn!!!
She sung it very seductiley and all these hands came through this lounge touching her!!!!
But the staging and everything was totally fabulous!!!
I have taken some ameture vidoe, and its great to listen again to her live. She was saying in Roves interview the other night that she doesnt lip sink. If she stuffs it up thats ok. But i didnt release how many times she just missed words last night until i looked at the video!!!
OMG, it was all just so REAL!! and so FUN!! and so PINK!!!
It just made the whole thing so much more real for want of a better word!!

Ive came home and looked for another ticket, I want to go again!!!
She is playing in Newcastle, but they are all sold out!!
There are some tickets on ebay for $700, thats the bid so far!! But im not that desperate!!!
I cant beleive how many seats were left last night! There was entire rows of seats and here are people outside dying to get into see her and couldnt!!!!

But words cant describe this concert!! It was totally wonderful!!
She is beautiful and so real! I think thats what makes her so much easier to identify with as an artist. What you see and hear is what you get with Pink.
I mean you see Justin Timberlake and he is like one kinda person on stage and then he tries to come across this preppy button down geek!!! WTF!!!!
Who are you????
But thats not what Pink was like, she is the same as her vidoes and photos and her singing is the same live as it is on the CD!!!

Then there were more photography course photos....
So that was the last couple of days!!!


lindy said...

glad you had a great time ...i wouldn't expect anything less, also fabbo pics shall i ask you for some instructions on how to photograph....

phillipa said...

Jodi what a great time you had! Some fab pics there. Maybe at the next retreat you could give us some lessons on how to take photos.LOL

Lisa A said...

IT would have been like a mini holiday


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