Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Weekend of Scrapping..... amoungst other things.

Scrap with V Cybercrop on this weekend...
You were missing something by not calling in.
Some great challenges...

This was Challenge 1 set by Jules.
The sock challenge..
There is a yarn attached to this layout...
"Missing Sock"

This was the mystery challenge by Kylie..
Im so bad at Mystery Challenge.
But it didnt turn out too bad
"She makes me smile"
This was the DT Challenge..
And as usual, it was a doosey!!!
"Daddys Precious boy"
Ride to Manilla
Me and Stu went to Manilla for a ride today.
I felt really comfortable on the bike today for the first time.
I felt confident on the way there and even more so on the way home
I even got upto about 160 for a while on the straights.
It was very safe.... There was nothing around!!!
But i dont think i would want to go any faster at all.
So feeling confident
Came home and rode into the shed...
Not thinking
Slipped on the mud that was on the cemenet, grabbed the front brake and over i went!!
More scratches on the bike
The muffler side this time, but nothing on the muffler thank goodness, I managed to put myself under the bike to stop the scratching towards the back but unfortuanetly the farring got scratched up a bit.
Stus coloured it in with black texta,
He rode in behind me, parked his bike, got off and took his helmet off and laughed at me!
I yelled at him, come on, this is heavy as i was trying to keep it off the ground so it wouldnt scratch!!!
God those things are so damn heavy!!!
Oh well.. It happens.
As Stu says, its a learners bike, its gonna happen.
He will take the ferrings off and fighter the bike when i am done with it!!!

Theres a bit of a wait happening here tonight too.
My brother in law has been rushed to John Hunter.
Our prayers, thoughts and love go to him and hope there is the best possible outcome!!

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kerry said...

Hey Jodi sounds like you had fun especially the bike lol.Take care Kerryxx


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