Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off to the Sunshine Coast

What a huge weekend, and i have so much to share.......

On Thursday I left for Budgerum to stay with Trac and her family.
Trac is an old school friend. Our group is so lucky in that we have all stuck together through the years...
Those that didnt have kids did the visiting and then now my kids are grown, i can return the visits, so its all worked well!!!

Here is a photo with Trac and the kids...

Here is little Alex.... Isnt he adorable!!
Growing more and more - especially his independent streak!!!

I took some balloons with me while i was away. I thought the kids might enjoy playing with them!! I was right!
While Alex enjoyed pulling all the balloons (300) of them out and the putting them back in, Maddie enjoyed blowing them up!!
they must have had about 20 balloons at one stage, all sorts of things!
It certainly kept them occupied for a while...

On Friday Mum and I then headed to Caloundra for the retreat...

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