Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Adutls Only Balloon Show - By Jodi Dolbel

It was my turn to teach the "Owl Class"
I got the ladies started on the project on Saturday afternoon as ther was a bit of painting and lots of cutting involved...
Being that there was lots of cutting, i thought i would do some light entertainment while the
ladies were cutting!!!!
But, unfortunately, the cutting got traded in for gut wrenching laughter!!!!

Last year i told a joke to liven things up a bit, but this year i decided to do an Adults Only balloon show!!!
It was easy trying to find "Ideas" as there was lots of gutter talk throughout the day!!!
Mum being the leader of it all..... Ok, maybe i helped!!! lol

Here I am doing the ballooning..... I have a sweet pure little flower on my head as i am sweet pre and innoscent!!

Belinda and Sharon were quiet little mice, so i made them mice. But they assured me it was all a farse and they arnt that quiet!!! Lets see some more action next year and i can make you something more exciting!!!!
Now Phillipas hat cant really be described on a public blog!!!
But it was to do with a pho
to of her holding her legs together!! We came up with all sorts of colourful ideas as to why she was holding her legs together... all of which cant be discussed!!!
So look at her hat and try to figure out what she might be trying to.....um..... keep her legs crossed for and thats what the hat might be!!! lol :)

I did mum up a nice big yellow flower, cause she is so innoscent!!!
Isnt she girls!!!!lol
Well, she used to be anyway!!!

This is WEndy and Lea and they are twins...
So of course i did twin baby balloons, attached by an umbillical cord...

Jan made the comment about something to do with ones anatomy!!
So i did a semi unrealistic part of anatomy which she quite enjoyed!!!

Debbie was hilarious!! Such a riot!!!
And talk about laugh!!!
So she was a hiena....
Now i now it kinda looks like the mouse, and it kida resembles a dog, but its grey so its a hiena ok!!

My darling Kerry wasnt too happy as you can see!!!
She was the first to recieve a balloon and i cant even remember what it was now!!!
But i know it was something naughty!!!
Sarah and Henry!! They were so cute!!
Henry got the best balloon! I cant go into detail about what it is though.... But something he is to saty away from until he is a married man!!!
And Sarahs is something that will remain intact until she is a married woman!!!

This is Kylie under the "Glamour Puss", but thats not what we ended up calling her!!!
This was so funny!!
there was actually a wedding going on in the resort at the time we were doing these silly balloons.
So i made up a "Glamour Puss" which we called a (Tight Pussy) and then another balloon which we will call ummm "Big" and Kylie presented them to the Bride and Groom!!!
Here they are wearing them!!!

It was so funny!
Here is everyone at the window checking out the wedding with their hats on...

And here are the Bride and Groom wearing their hats!!!!

Most of the girls did manage to get their albums started!!!! Im hoping that they do finish them!!!


Ness said...

Saturday night was so darn funny, we were all busting at the sides from laughter, thanks for a fantastic night of fun Jodi!!

Lisa A said...

sounds like so much fun


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