Monday, June 22, 2009

Woolworths Promo

Remember those little airplanes i made last week?
Well, here are 50 flying around our local Woollies promoting their new Flybys Campaigne!!
Talk about Drama!!
I ended up blowing up about 400 balloons just to get the 50 planes you see flying!!
there are 2 balloons in each plane....
They just kept breaking!!! Over and over and over...
Jack lives 2 doors down and i am sure she heard me swearing last night!!! I was so frustrated!!
And whats more, I ended up tearing 1/2 my nail off!!
From twisting the balloons over and over on a nail that had already prooved to be a little weak when it was filed back far enough to draw blood last time i had my nails done!!
Its so sore!!!!

But hey, its looks good and the customer was happy!!!
And here is a nice arch....
Dont look at the stuff up at the bottom right!! Too funny, didnt even notice the twist wasnt twisting properly unil I saw it on this photo!!
Will go back and fix it tomorrow!!!
Its been such a wishy washy day today!!
Ive been real teary..
I keep smelling that sweet little baby smell of Zane!!!
And i miss my little brother...
So wish we were closer!!


passion4pinkblog said...

Wow very impressive!! but i think i'll keep running if i get asked about aeroplane balloons!!

Lisa A said...

Gotta say I love this the colours are so bright, Way to go Jodi

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