Thursday, June 11, 2009

Im Home!!!!

Well, I am still downloading the 800 photos i took over 2 days!! So will have some for you soon!!
Also videos.... shhh!!!!

I gotta tell ya, this show is so indescribable!!! I cant even begin to find words for it!!!
Absolutely the best concert i have ever seen!!!
Ok, I have never been to a rock concert before, but if i had been, this would be the BEST!!!!

Pink is so just like she is in her songs and vidoes. I know thats weird, but some people you see in real life as so different from what you see on tv. Pink was just the same and talked just the same!
And she is so beautiful and toned!!!
Gorgeous girl!!!
You wait to see the photos!!!

Now i know there are a few of you heading to see her in Brissy soon, so dont look at what i show you ok!!!

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