Monday, June 22, 2009

Meeting my new Nephew Zane

This last weekend, the whole family went on a trip together in the same car at the same time!
We havent done this in 18 months!!!
Well, isnt it interesting having two teenagers in the back of the car.. Including one who has now been driving himself for nearly 3 years!!!
God talk about laugh!!
They got upto all sorts of mischief including placing bets on who can eat that coolmint that Emelia had incerted into her nose and then blew out across the car!!!
It was worth $5!!
I threw it out yesterday when i cleaned the car so obviously no-one took the bet!!! lol
Joshua decided that he wanted to "Pretend" he was riding his bike over the range, so he and Stu did a complete comentary of how they were taking each corner complete with leaning and the motorbike noices!!!!

Anyway, we finally got to Port to see Zane!!
And what a gorgeous little boy he is!! Not nearly as big as he looks in the photos, but he certainly wasnt tiny!!! And musclely!! WOW!!
He's a strong little bloke, already lifting his head and moving it from side to side...
I tried to do a photoshoot with him, but he is still so tiny and didnt like not being wrapped up.. So funny usually babies love kicking the nappy off!! Not Zane! he loves his nappy!!!

Here is proud Nanny
And Proud Aunty JOdi!!!
He loves me!!!
And proud Daddy!!!
So funny again... Kel went to do some job and Gary, Mum and I were babysitting.. We dont have boobs full of milk either and Zane decided it was feed time!!!
So we gave him to Dad!!! Dad talked to Zane about going in the car and he would walk him up and down the hallway making car noices... That kept him quiet for a while...
He would take him in to show him his Evo....
Honestly, this child will be driving before he goes to school!!!

I love these photos......
Im going to tart them up eventually!!!
Mum, Gary & Zane
Me again...
Zanes little feet!!!
He loves his blanky!!!
Gary thought it might be time for a Dummy or Gigi (thats what i always called it)
when we couldnt offer a boob..
Once he figured out how to use it, he was fine....
Mummy giving Zane a bath.. He loved that!!
A Happy family
Emelia has a nurse and really enjoyed it...
After a few drink the frivrolity began!!!
So funny!!!
Got a whole heap of these photos... Gary wearing the hoody from Emelias jacket, while Emelia was in it!!
"Look two heads!!!"
Then of course there is the Guitar Hero Rock Band!!!
Gary always on the drums!!
he loves the drums and can play metallica on expert plus!!!
Apparently thats impressive!!! lol
I miss my baby brother and his baby son....
I really wish we were closer to them..
I have set up a blog for Gary so he can put photos up of Zane for us (Its a private blog though)
So we should be able to feel like we are keeping up with his growth and changes, but it wont be the same as being there....


phillipa said...

How gorgeous is Zane! Can imagine how you would love to live closer, especially Margie. Love all the photos too.

Jackie / Kate said...

Gorgeous photos!! I love the one of Zane's tiny little wrinkled up feet - too cute...
I can see you going on lots more trips to Port Jode ??

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

gorgeous photos Jodi - bet you are feeling "grandma" clucky now!!

lindy said...

Jodi love the pics especial;ly the feet of Zane ...gorgeous memories

kerry said...

Great pics Jodi and that is sad that they live so far away.TAke care KErry xx

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
Those feet of Zane's are made for riding motorbikes...LOL LOL
Congratulations and I hope to see more pics as Zane grows....


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