Monday, June 8, 2009

Jodi's Big Ride!!!

I know...
Stu tells me that 200kms isnt that far!!!
But god, i was so sore!!!
We were heading to Nundle this morning, which is about 150km away,
but once we got to Werris Creek and saw the skiies, we decided to do a round trip through Tamworth and then home again!!
Going through Tamowrth, I was so sore and so wanted to stop!!!
I didnt think we were though..
Then Stu went straight through the roundabout and into Tamowrth!!
Oh No!! All those roundabouts and stoplights!!!
But i survived, no thanks to two different cars that pulled out infront of me on the roundabout!!!

Stu took us to "The Vault" for lunch!!!
It was lovely!!
Here I am with the bikes
Dontcha just love the look!!
Black so inst my colour... Gotta get a whole Jacket thats pink!!

Speaking of P!NK!!!
Guess were we are heading on WEDNESDAY!!!
Emelia and I are off to Sydney to see P!nk!!
We are staying at the Novotel on Darling Harbour!!!
Cant wait!!!

Also, not long now until Zane is due!!!
He is due the 17th!! So its not quiet as close as my little baby box says!!


lindy said...

you look super cool in your jacket...have fun in Sydney at Pink should be fun Jodi

Jackie / Kate said...

You sooo look the part - you bikey girl you!! And I'm totally jealous - I would love to see PINK...I guess that means you won't make it for coffee Wed then??....Hope you both have a ball !!! xox


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