Friday, June 5, 2009

Waking up to FOG!!

It was so foggy this morning!!
Didnt lift until maybe 11am!!!
I had to go to the horse paddock this morning and took the camera to get some fog photos....

This one is our street
Look at Solos pajamas!!
I keep telling him, once they are distroyed, Im not buying him anymore!!
he has them trashed!!!
Thats two coats he has on too...
I already repaired him summer one, but he has trashed it again already!!!
Here is some spiders web,
I thought it looked spooky!!!
I watched this movie today....

Clint Eastwood.
This movie is a bit different to the anyway but loose series by CLink Eastwood, but his acting is the same!!
Or is it just Clint??
Hard to tell, the man is so emotionless
But Awesome movie!!
Another one where i cried my eyes out
and its not the kinda movie i was expecting.
Its a bit slow moving and the language is really hard to understand in parts,
but its a great movie!!!


Joanne said...

Jodi I hope you have a great long week end, love your layouts especially the one of you as a baby.

Lisa A said...

I just love fog, I usually drive to work in it thru winter..
Solo needs to stop ruining his coats..

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