Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 23.... Hmph!!! :(

Well, its weigh in day today and im not even going to bother!!
I am so cranky!!!
After yesterdays efforts of not being able to fill up.... But i didnt eat heaps, i still only had, well i had one shake breakie and then had missed lunch and had a plate of veges for tea....
But obviously it was the wrong thing!!!!
But we wont talk about that..... today is another day!!!
I did this layout for the Frugal Competition on the Prima Blog.
Cant upload the damn thing to their site but!! Grrrrrrr
Have emailed them though....
Anyone else done it that can tell me how?????
"Boy Meets World"
I used the Prima Studds packaging....
These are A2Z Scraplets swirls... arent they awesome.
I inked the bigger ones and then used Twinkling H2Os on the top smaller one and used dementional magiv to make it shine!!!
Now i know flowers on boys layouts arnt a done thing...
But i think it works
Its a formal photo and the flowers just bring out that formal feel...
I dont think it looks sissy.....
What do you think!!!!
Here is my photo this morning....
I so love the Photoshop Elements Program... Gonna have to buy it!!!!
Look at these cute little froggies that were sitting at our window last night!!!


Lea Adcock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lea Adcock said...

Hi Jodi,
You mentioned something about a book recommendation. I'm not sure if it is in a book but the movie "THe Orphaniage" in french with english subtitles was very moving. A sad film but it was great.


Joanne said...

Just one day at a time with the weight and the end result will be worth it.
I use flowers on boy layouts all the time, I dont think they look sissy, the layout looks great.

lindy said...

love your layout and the little green frog is cute
have a nice weekend


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