Tuesday, January 6, 2009

N/Y365 Challenge - Day 6

Scrapbook Creations Blind Scrapping Challenge

I finishing this tonight...

Hence the bad photo.. taken indoors under lighting, not the bewst to bring up colour..

I will email it off tonight just intime for tomorrows dead line!!!

Spare a thought for your posite!!

Poor Josh, it was 38 degrees today at the airport and poor Josh was out delivering mail.

It was so hot.

They are allowed a 1 litre bottle of water.... that lasted precisely 1 minute!!

So Josh called in to pick up his camel back..... We filled it with ice and he was ok for the rest of the run..

He came in soaking wet from sweat.. All the back of his jeans and his shirt... His helmet was soaking inside.....

It was just so hot out there...

If you see your postie at your mail box, offer him a glass of water - its so hot out there!!!

A Visitor

We had some visitors this afternoon. A couple of King Parrots.

Not the best photo sorry!!!

Day 6 Verdict

The New Year 365 day challenge is going ok... Day 3 of Slimmm. Got on the scales and 2.5 kilo loss so far... Totally excellent!

But i didnt walk tonight. Ive bee cleaning all day - hence the photo in amoungst the clothes on the line and i swear i have done 100 laps of this house today!!! I think that is quite ample!!!

So, that was my day..

Thanks for stopping by...


lindy said...

good on you with the diet
love you page
poor Josh hope he's a bit cooler tomorrow

Ness said...

Love your layout Jodi, beautiful photo of Emelia and Josh.

Your going great with the diet, well done.

Hope the heat eases up soon for Josh.

Marisa said...

You are going really great on your diet, keep it up!!!
Love the layout!!!
I will pray for a cool change to come through for Josh...

phillipa said...

Good going Jodi!!!!!

Kirsty said...

2.5kg loss!?!?! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Josh...we have some cool weather up here at the moment, hope you guys are enjoying some too:-)


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