Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18.... Give me some sugar!!!!

Emelia has been wanting to jump Solo ever since she got him, but with the rain after christmas when the jumping school was on, still hasnt had the opportunity.
So this morning we went scouting through the junk in the back yard, trying to find stuff to make jumps out of....
We set up two jumps...
Now, just so Solo knew they were jumps, Emelia tried to lead him over, before going over on his back.
Solo is such a chicken!!
But i tell you, this horse will do anything after tasting some of this stuff!!!

Now we realise, feeding a horse lots of sugar isnt a good thing, but in this case, it was the perfect thing!!!
He would fly to the moon if it meant another piece of sugar!! LOL
So we gave some, and then lead him over the jump, with both Emelia and I running upto the jump and jumping over first.
He followed us over...
More sugar!!!
So it was that we did some jumping today out in the side reserve...
Notice Emelias inappropriate riding attire... Theres no use talking to her about it - she does what she wants!!!
But notice the jumps too..
Thats two plastic plant pots and the tube from a trampoline... LOL
Her jumping style is coming along.
Im trying to get her just to lean forward to give him his head as he goes over...
Shes improving..
Look at this lovely jump design..
We have two broken stools sitting on their heads with a couple of plastic star pickets wired together..
Hey, they did the job!!!!
After the jumping we thought we'd try barrells.
Now we know Solo gets a bit worked up with Barrells. Or any sporting event.
So we just took him through slowly.
He walks right over Emelia honestly!!!
But after a few runs,
A pig root
a buck
and the biggest rear up Ive yet seen from him - I was coming out from inside and i heard this scream, and all i saw were these two purple hooves in the air through the trees over the fence!!
I ran up and this horse is waving his front legs around in the air nearly straight up!!
Emelia did so well to stay on him... Hes a naughty boy!!!
But he finally did a couple of good runs and Emelia packed him away for the day!
For some reason at the same spot everytime on the home stretch, he would want to play up!!! But he is going good in these photos.
So seeing as i have been talking to the horse all day (sharing my lunch with him!! He insisted he does drink diet coke and had the bottle in his mouth shaking it up and down!! Then he grabbed the chair i was sitting in and picked it up and shaked and threw it down!!!
Then he is grabbing at the buttons on my shirt!!! Honestly this horse has got a screw loose!!) But we so love him!!!
So this is my photo for the day.
Im supposed to have a "Free" day once a week, where we can eat three normal meals, but im not doing that as if i start eating again, i will struggle to stick with the shakes... So no free days for me...
And speaking of Solo,
this is Challenge 2 at the Chookscraps Cybercrop.
"Chasing Butterflies"
He isnt doing that in this photo, Emelia is playing chasies with him and hes put his head down and started bucking,
but it just dipicts the funny things he does...
For a horse!! LOL
So thats the day thus far.
Just finishing a layout that i photoshoped using the tiral Photoshop elements program i downloaded.... im hoping to learn to use it properly to see if its worth spending money on first.
Its a lovely photo of Mum at my cousins wedding the other weekend.
Seeya next time!! :)


Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
People think I am made because i talk about my animals like you do, but what the heck, its good, Kosmo wants to come for playtime with Solo...LOL

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
Check out my blog, i am going to do a photo a day, i have started walking today as well, so heres to the weight loss together..

lindy said...

looks like you all had a fab day

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