Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28.... Feelin pretty dang good today!!

After a sleepless night last night!!


I didnt get to sleep until like 1.30am, but i went to bed much earilier..

just tossed and turned

Then Josh left for work at 4.10am and woke me up.

(Damn car is right at our window!!! Grr)

And that was it!!!

Tossed and turned until about 5am and then got up

Did the ironing and folding and i gotta tell ya,

thats the time to do it

It took ONE HOUR!!!!

Usually i am back and forth to it all day!!!

But with no interuptions, i watched all the current news

and did the ironing!

Kids back to school too - so thats a good thing.. Well kid anyway

So us Mothers, Jack, Brenda and a new addition to our trio Naralle, all met for coffee at the Verdict...

I had bacon and scrambled egss again today... so thats my one meal!!!
I have to remember to take a photo, its so yummy!!!!

We discussed all the stuff ladies usually talk about...

including who has what teachers...

My daughter came home telling me she is leaving at the end of year 10!

So over school!!!

Shes not really the school kid kinda type!!!

Shes not happy with her classes or anything,

butshe will settle in.

After being her own boss all school holidays, she finds disapline so hard!


I did a BLIND SCRAPPING CHALLENGE at Direct 2 u Scrapbooking last night..

I am so bad at these, i really am

You say left hand and i put it on the right....

Marissas layout is gorgeous

Mine is so average!!!

Here it is..

Here is my Jumbo card for week 2.

Im only two weeks behind now..
Using Metal...

This is for

Here is me today..

Remember this tree?

We havnt seen it for a little while, so i thought id better re introduce you to it!!!

I have decided to share a bit about Gunnedah on my blog too...Just so you can see the town i live in,its a great spot and a lovely place to visit.

We have a Waterways Wildlife Park. Its full of beautiful wild animals and semi tame koalas that you can actually hold and pat. Its a lovely spot for family gatherings with bbq areas and such.

Here is a link to them

Photos courtesy of the Gunnedah Community Portal


Ness said...

Gosh Jodi, doing ironing at 5am LOL!! love your layout and your jumbo card.

Marisa said...

Your layout isn't average Jodi, it is really really great. Love it and the jumbo card....
I was awake at 5am but forget getting up at that hour for this old chick, lol...

kerry said...

Hey there i wa up at 6.00 then getting ready for work.You are looking great.Take care Kerry xx

lindy said...

The layout looks great Jodi
5am havn't seen the sun rising for least you got your ironing done


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