Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13.................

Boring day today...
Cleaning!!! Hmph!! So hate it!!!
"Lets just not do it and say we did?"!!!!
Freaky Friday Quote!!!
But i did watch a couple of movies in between moping and vaccuming....
The kids are home and had them on...
First Wall E!!
Hands up who LOVED this movie!!!!
So awesome!!!

And who can relate to Poppy Moore...
Maybe not the LA part, but definately the fish out of water thing..
But i cried when her Dad saw her on the lacross field and she looked just like her Mum.. so sad!!!!
Here is my today.
All still going down!! Yay!!!
Getting used to it now... But note to self!!
Dont watch movies after having a shake at tea time!! Not good!!!
Been for a walk too and the toe feels so much better!!
Thanks Kristy for your concern!! LOL

Thanks for calling in...

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

I haven't seen these movies yet, will have to go out and see them....Love the daily photos

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