Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24.........????????????

Is 40 too young for a mid life crisis.....
I really feel its time for a change!!!
There are so many things i am just not happy with. Ive spent so many months trying to figure it all out and i just seam to get more and more confused.
Im know i am sick of being in this house!!!
Ive worked from home for 5 years now and the thing is, my husband also works from home. And when he is having a bad day - so do i!! When i am having a bad day - so does he....
And there have been more bad days than good now for many months....
Its like is costraphobic.. I hate being inside lately..
I dont mind it, until i go out to do something and then i dont want to come home... I am just a slave here, cleaning up after every messy person who wont clean up after themselves.
Its seams all i do, when i do actually have a business to run, scrapping to do and a life to live!! Im so bogged down under the mundane, that i feel im not living life at the moment.
You know, theres always heaps going on... but how much of it is my choice!! The only escape i have is to scrap in a corner of my husbands office, where he is working or surfing too....
I just want some space and some time to be just me!!!
Does this make sense.
It it an unreasonable request??
Am i being selfish???
My kids are all grown up now, isnt this when i am supposed to be able to reclaim some me time???
I dunno, see mid life crisis!!! LOL
So, onto my day!!!
Solo got some new shoes today... I dont know when the last time was that he had shoes on. The poor thing, he must have felt like he was in prison this week and doing all these horrible things!!!
We started off just having a bit of a play first... Trying to get him in a good mood.
He enjoyed having a nibble on Emelias hair, ears and shirt!! He grabs with his lips... so cute!!!
He was sure he wanted some of my coffee!!!!

Here is a lovely photo that i photoshopped with my new photoshop elements and the tutorial from Jolene!!!
Thank you so much for this Jolene!!!! Do you know how long i have been searching the net for just this thing!!! And here it was sitting on your site!!!
Check it out if you want to have a play with frames and words. Here

Solo wasnt completely happy about the new shoes..... But he tolerated it like a good boy!!
But then he got a hair cut and he didnt like that one single bit!!!
See that garden, he standing jumped upto the top of that!!!
So when all the chatting was done about Pony Club and town gossip, it was time to do a function.
I have two this weekend, so its a bit quiet for a long weekend!!!
It was a Disco theme 50th Party
See the Juke box on top!!!
The black balloons are round tyre type balloons... I dont know if they are meant to be tires or notes... as in music notes!! Probably notes though i think as the round balloons have notes on them...
Here is me today...
Another play with frames.
I weighed myself and it has come down again. I think i must have retained a heap of fluid after the gallons and gallons i had to drink the other day for the ultrasound... That would account for the increase and the quick decrease again!!
And here are some random shots of Emelia taking Solo for a ride in the rain...
Todays lesson!! Put your heals down!!!

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Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi, you sound just like I did a little while ago, I go thru it. The photos of Solo look great..He is a very patient horse


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