Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Bloggerversary Jodi's Scraphaven!!!!

It was my blogs anniversary yesterday...... 2 years.....

I started this blod as a way to just diarize my life and keep track of things..

For this purpose, its been truely wonderful!!!!
Happy Birthday Blog!!

I just thought i would share with you my first post.....
It was my GOALS list for 2007
How things have changed!!!

Well, I am attempting to have another go at making a Blogspot.

My life is very boring really and i find it hard to find stuff to talk about, or rather stuff that anyone would be interested in reading.

I am a really keen scrapbooker, its what i do.

In between scrapping I have my own business which is Balloon Decoration and Delivery and also a Wedding Decoration Service.
I am a very dedicated scrapbooking forum surfer and love to look at the galleries to get inspiration.

I also very much enjoy reading other peoples blog spots.
I am also on a weight loss journey. Last year saw the loss of 30 kilos and I am hoping this year sees the loss of the rest.

I would really like to be at my goal weight by June. Although, Im not sure what that goal weight will be at this stage.
My chosen sport is Archery.

I have a number of goals I would also like to achieve this year with that too.

Too Funnym these were my goals 2 years ago!!!

I managed to loose another 5 kilos and get down to 79kgs. That was a lowest i ahve weighed since about year 8.

I achieved most of my archery goals that year and that was to win the National ABA 3D Archery Competition.

I was also on the winning ABA 3D Team.

Isnt it interesting....

Here was the list for 2008....

I still would like to have layouts published in magazines and i am going to have a go at the Masters.

I have now been published and have some more in the wings for this year, plus i wrote an article - so i achieved that one...
I will set the more realistic goal of losing 10 kilos this year.

OK, I think i successfully gained most of the weight back this year.... (Please see 2009 New Years Goals!!!)
I would like to compete competitively in IFAA archery.

Didnt happen!! Lost interest in that too!!!

tI would like to be avble to emotionally support my son through his HCS and get a better understanding of how the system works.

Well, i was trying to emotionally support him, but he lost interest and i still dont understand the system!!!
Actually survive my daughters progression into adulthood!!! Shes so going to kill me!!!

I did survive this JUST!!! And it was so hard!! (Please see goal 2!!) But we have become so much closer through the process and i am very proud to say that she is making the best choices now for her future...

Continue to build my businesses.

I survivied the downturn in business due to the droubt, so i suppose this could be deamed successful!!!

What a great idea this whole blogger thing is... I would never be able to look back to see how i have grown if it wasnt for this....

I will think about my goals for this year and post later...

I know one of them... I think i might just stick to that this year!! Its a HUGE one!!


Lisa A said...

I wish i had the motivation you have

lindy said...

Love that cake Jodi


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