Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7....

New Year 365 Day Challenge - Day 7
All still going fine...
Saw a small loss on the scales this morning, but i didnt walk last night, so was expecting that.
Loving the shakes
My daughter has an ice crusher.
So i fill the shaker up with crushed ice, add the water and the powder and then i get the perfect cool drink!!!
Flavours are awesome!! Theres not one i dont like!!!

Scrap Giveaway!!

Ok, what an awesome response!!! My Mum found out about what i was doing and came around and raided half that bag that i had!! But i havnt finished cleaning it all out yet. So if there is anything in particular that your after most, let me know in the comments and i can set that aside with your name on it. Like if your a fan of papers, or chipboard or rubbons. If theres anything you dont want, than i can give to someone else, like stickers and things... I ahve so much junk. Just give me a few more days to raid all the junk i have stored away and i will have another supply soon... But i wont mention anything to Mum!! LOL

Thanks for stopping by


lindy said...

keep going Jodi you rock

kerry said...

Sounds like you are doing okay well donekeep it going.take care Kerry xx

Kirsty said...

LOL @ your mum!!! She must have thought all her christmases had come at once!


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