Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20.....

Look at our poor darling boy,
As i have mentioned earlier this week,
Mister here has been having a bit of carry on,
so MatW took him for a workout today....
He came home with sweat pouring out of him.. look how exhausted he is.
But he was in fine form,
he reared up with the garbage truck and then he saw a cow and put in three good bucks...
Mat thinks the same thing we do, hes not trying to get you off, hes just a real chicken shit and get frightened...
Silly horse!!!
Looking at getting Emelia some help with riding him..

Over at Scrap with V, Kylie J is asking for our favorite holiday photos...
These are mine...
This is my altime favorite photo...
When stuart asks me why out darling little girl is so feral, I pull out this photo and show him that he raised her that way!!! LOL
And this photo is so cute.
Look how tiny Josh is... His first fish!! He is so in awe!!!
And stu is so thin and young.. and that god aweful leather cowboy hat that he thought looked so "cool man!!"
Here is me today in contemplation.
I had some tests done today, and the first test turned into a second, which turned into a third..... and i have no answers from the unltrasound dude?
So now i have to wait until Friday to see why my one test turned into three.. What did he find?
It cant be too bad, otherwise he would have told me.... right????

I had breakie today with Stu at the Verdict. So thats my one meal today. I had scrambled eggs and bacon.. so yummy!! The egss are always so light and fluffy!!! Stu had a toasted sandwich....

Thats my day... I still havnt cleaned the house or irnoned.. Its gonna be a big day tomorrow, i can feel it!!


Kirsty said...

Oh man..eggs and bacon...I am drooling!

I am sure they would have said something about the tests if it was something bad...I hope all is okay!

Kylie said...

looks like you had fun..about to go on a bit of a holiday to sydney

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