Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Port Macquarie Holiday

These are the guys we went to see...
Because Gary & Kel couldnt make it to Gunnedah for Chrissy, we decided to head over the see them.
The boys left on their bikes on Saturday, and came home Sunday, then we headed over on Sunday...
We had a picnic at the beach on Sunday night... KFC!!

On Monday, I picked up my brother Mat and we did a bit of shopping. Then We also picked up my Niece Cass and had a bit more of a look around. I wanted to get a photo of them, but they wouldnt let me!! :(
On Tuesday, I picked up Mat again and we went down to the beach for a bit of a paddle.... The dog wasnt real keen on it.. She ran off and hid under the car poor thing.. But it was lovely!!
Here is Mat & Sal
Mat decided to do a bit of rock climbing!!
Emelia and Little Mat watching Big Mat climb back dwn again!!
After the beach we headed out to the Go Karts!!! I observed!!
Wednesday saw us just vegin out a bit at home!!!
We went to the pictures to see Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler!! Great movie!!
Wedneday night... New Years Eve, we headed to Taree to Gary's mates Adiens place.
Very interesting night!!
Here are the boys....
Me & Kel
We watched the fireworks from his front yard..
As usual, the boys got upto all sorts of mischief!!!
There were lots of dares being thrown about, with one being Gary eating a lit cigarette!!! MAD!!

Gary just loves Emelias Mat.... Even if his hair is too long!! Gary insists on trying to hold Mat down to cut it.
Then we had the trip home...

The first hour and a half being this!!

But we are home now.....

On the way back from Port on Sunday, Josh blew up his bike!!! So sad!!! He went missing in Tamworth and Stu had a dreadful 3 minutes thinking that Josh had come off.... He was nearly in tears before finding him miles behind going very slowly. They had to go back to Tamworth and pick it up in the ute.

Josh gets his black liscence for the bike 2nd February, so the search is on for something bigger. He well and truely outgrew his 250! So its in the shed now pulled appart.

They have looked at a few other bikes. He is looking for a GSXR 600/750.... If yourve got a good one that cheap.. please ring!! LOL


kerry said...

Hey Jodi,Good to see that you had such a great new year spending it with family.Love all the goals you have set.I need to get some weight off too.I really have to look at what makes me eat so much and of course all the wrong things to.take care Kerryxx

Lisa A said...

Hey jodi
what great pictures you have taken i especially like the one of you and Kel, glad you enjoyed your trip to Port. like you i have been busy as well

Ness said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time Jodi.

lindy said...

Loks like you had a great time with the family


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