Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year 365 Day Challenge - Day 3

In line with my New Year Challenge.....
Each day working towards a thinner me!!!
Today, rather than joining Jenny Craig again, like i thought i would do,
I decided to give Slimmm a go first,
My friend Kaysie is looking so Hot following this eating plan, so i thought i would give it a shot.
So i bought this starter kit today,
but i will make a fresh start on Monday.
But i did weigh in at the chemist today.....
The machine gives you a print out of your height, weight, BMI.
I will weight in this way i think monthly, but keep a track of it mayself on a weekly basis...
So this is Day 3....
Other than that stuff,
I have spent the entire day working.
This morning doing functions and this afternoon washing chair sashes, and ironing sashes and covers...
I still have do finish the covers and then onto napkins..
So time consuming!!!
Tonight i am going to scrap and no one is going to stop me!!!!


kerry said...

Jodi thats something that im thinking of doing too.Take care Kerry xx

lindy said...

love your new colour Jodi
i've never heard of that slimming plan is it new?

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
I hope you did scrap.....Good luck with your slimming plan, i am here to help you through this


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