Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29..... Surprise by Mail!

Look what turned up in the mail for me today...
From my dear on-line friend Lisa A..
Lisa, thank you so much, this is beautiful!!!!
Jumped on the scales this morning and am down a few grams
So this last couple of weeks has been a bit of forwards and backwards,
But its going down and thats the main thing.
I can see it in my face.
I was looking at Day 1 photo day and doing a comparison..
I think it looks smaller....
This is Day 29
This was Day 1
For todays Gunnedah Tourist Feature,
I have decided to tell you about Lake Keepit
Its the place they all go for fishing and skiing...
A great spot
and Full Now after a couple of years of droubt and then a couple of floods...
Here is a link to more info

Photos courtesy of Gunnedah Porthole


Ness said...

What a beautiful gift you have received from Lisa. Lisa you have done a fantastic job, it's just beautiful. How lovely Jodi, would have made your day.

Jodi you are looking fantastic!!

phillipa said...

What a great gift to receive Jodi. Lisa it's a beautiful little album.
By the way Jodi you are shrinking!

Tracey said...

What a lovely surprise to be given.

lindy said...

what a lovely gift from Lisa ...your very thoughtful Lisa
yes your face is smaller Jodi

kerry said...

Jodi you are looking great.Fab gift from Lisa too.Take care Kerryxx

Joanne said...

Great gift from Lisa, yes I agree your face does look thinner, your looking great.

Lisa A said...

I am so glad you liked it Jodi, Yes and your looking great


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