Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14... OUCHIE!!!! and WHOOPEE!!!

So, browsing through the new
Scrapbook Memories mag today.....
and guess who is featured!!!
This layout was my 40th Birthday at the Verdict with the girls!!
How awesome!!!
See your faces are in there two Jack and Brenda!!!

And for other news...
Had to go to the Doctors today for the usual checkups and such,
had a few spots checked....
And had a sun spot burnt off my brow bone!!!
Boy does that thing burn!!!
See my mark....
Doesnt look too bad now, but lets wait and see what it looks like when its all scabbed up and ugly!!
Hope it doesnt scar!!!!
Better pull out facial oil!!!

Now my challenge!!! Im really pleased with how its going... Really its not two weeks in yet as i started on 3rd January and the scales are looking good. Only a couple of grams from Goal number 1!!! Yippee!!! Still walking too. Just that 3/4 hour walk around the block makes all the difference for me. But pretty soon, as soon as it starts to cool off, we'll do the porky walk which is upto the lookout!!! Now that one hurts!!!

So thats me, Thanks for calling in..


Michelle T said...

You clever thing Jodi, how many magazines can you be published in ??? Keep up the good work.

Michelle T

Jackie / Kate said...

YEAHHHHH JOD...another one for the record...wooooooo hooooo. Better go get my copy tomoz xoxo

Tracey said...

Congradulations again to another LO published.

Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi
Congratulations once again...Who said you would never be famous, I knew you could do it,Believe in yourself...

Ness said...

Congratulations Jodi!! I've seen the mag and your layout, totally awesome!! WTG.

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

saw your layout Jodi - congrats!

Lisa A said...

yep i went and brought it and have been showing all my friends your layout


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