Monday, January 12, 2009

Catch up - Day 11

Yeh, well, it was all a bit depressing yesterday!!!
Had a shocking day really!!
Went out to collect my gear and pull down the backdrop to find that the whole place was still just as setup as when i left!!
So i had to pull all the covers and things off and collect everything!
Instead of taking 1/2 hour as expected, it took 4 hours!!!!
I went to Maccas to have a coffee and a calm down and Stu tunred up so cranky, slambed my mobile phone & a balloon order on the table and looked at me like id been sleeping with his best friend and then walked off.. (Id left the phone at home on purpose!! Its Sunday after all!!)
So i went home cranky, did the order and then the people wanted it deliverd out of town, so in the end, i didnt get home from work until after 4.00pm
So much for my Sunday!!!!
Hence the depressing photo...... Sorry!! But this is real life afterall!!
Worts and all...

So I treated myself and Emelia (She promised she would help clean the house) to a double fature at the cinima..
Four Holidays... (Not the greatest movie, but enjoyble!!)
It was the story.... The acting was briliant... I love Reece!!

ANd Twilight Again..
Emelia couldnt understand what it was with Edward!! She knows now!!
but i cant convince her to read the books...
I also noticed that they have started work on New Moon!!
But the smae Jacob isnt in it!!
Why to people do that!! I ruins the whole thing!!! The Jacob from this movie is lovely!!!
Jacob i think out does Edward in New Moon...
Even after reading the series.. I still run with the Wolf Pack!!!
Thanks for stopping in.....

Hopefully Monday will be a much brighter day!!


Tracey said...

Hope you have a better day today

Lisa A said...

Just think Jodi your days can only get better from here on


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