Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 12.... Pure Evil!!!

Mum & Ken got back from Wollongong today.
They were there to help celebrate the marraige of my Cousin Brendon

Look what she bought back!!!
Evil evil woman!!!!

Feeling a little better today.

Stu & I went for lunch today at the Park View.. It was a lovely meal. I had quish and salad for $7!! Bargain!! So i had to have a shake for tea.. I havnt weight myself for the last couple of days.. BUt still going well.

I got such a blister on my big toe on the weekend. Today its swollen and red and so sore..... But i pulled a loose shoe on and went for a walk tongiht too....

So, thats it for me. Just working on the cutest little OTP Scraplet Owl book for A2Z Scraplets.... Will show you soon..

Seeya Jodi XX


Lisa A said...

your mum really is evil isn't she, but they are yummy
Thanks for the lovely award..

lindy said...

Margie is a bit evil ....all that sugar.
Can't wait to see your album

Kirsty said...


Good for you still going for a walk! A big sore blister would have been the perfect excuse NOT to go! Way to go!!!

kerry said...

I hope you didnt eat one Jodi lol.Your mum is bad bad.Sounds like you have been really busy too.take care Kerryxx


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