Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yummy Mail!!!!! And Solo gets a bath

I got some yummy mail today!!!
Look at all this yummy chipboard!!
There is also an awesome serving tray amongst all this
I see in my mind something for Christmas i think!!
 Solo will tell you
He's been just a little neglected since Camp..
Emelia has been spending time with the "other" man in her life!!!
So she bought him in for a TLC
Bath time!!
He doesn't mind a bath though
The best part is drinking all the water fresh from the tap that he likes!!!
Straight from the tap!! 
He loves to play with it with his lips too!!
He's so cute!

Not long left for Blogtobeterfest now...
Day 27

1 comment:

lindy said...

very nice package you received about yummy.


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