Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Walk to the Paddock

I just thought id share something different with you today....
The contrast since all the rain has been unbelievable!!!
Everything is so green!!!
But sometimes it does have a down side..
for instance...
Crossing the sea of green to the paddock..

Here is the ramp that goes from our yard
up the levy bank
so we can jump the fence...
And see what it is we walk into...
Wild Turnip!!!
Here is a photo looking into our yard from the other side...
This stuff is so high!!
We have to navigate our way all through this...
The track has well and truely grown over!!
And then we get to the paddock!!
You cant see the horse in the paddock as the grass is too high!
He is so fat!
Here he is in his stable..
He is so shiny now his winter coat is coming off..
Even after Pony Camp last week, he hasn't lost any condition...
There isn't any need to feed him really
as there is so much feed in the paddock
but he does like a little treat
and the dry food helps with his tummy
too much green stuff makes them a bit crook!!
I tried to get him to pose with me,
but he is just as bad as the kids!!!
Day 6

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Be careful, snakes live in that long grass!


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