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Blogtoberfest Day 30 - 25 random things about Me

Seeing as its my second last day today with the 
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Ok lets see:
1. My name is Jodi Blanche Dolbel

2. I was named after my Pop's Mother Blanche Heagney who was a famous pianist... (Regionally Famous)

3. I was born and breed in Narrabri, NSW, Australia

4. I always wanted to be in the school musical in high school but could never sing a word at the auditions. Was so nervous nothing would come out!!!

5. I was selected for the representative Hockey team in Year 7 (Which was never done, you had to be in Year 9 to even be looked at) without ever picking up a hockey stick because my Mum was known by the coach who had heard of my Mum when she played for the State team when she was at school!! I mean, how weird was that!!!  I was on the way to a hockey career, when this kid started picking on me all the time and finally one day i snapped and punched this boy in the nose. Apparently i broke it.  His father who was a cop came to the school to tell the principal he wanted something done about this girl who bashed up his son.  My punishment, was to be removed from the representative hockey team!!! I've never forgiven the boy for this because what he failed to tell his father is that he had been sexually harassing me all year! This day he tried to grab my boobs in Agriculture, and i had had enough!!!  Mind you when i went to tell the principal my side of the story it was "Who are we going to believe, this policeman's son or you?" In that short year i went from never picking up a stick to being selected for the regional team and the state team, but never got the play the game at state level! Makes you wonder where it could have gone!! I was banned for the rest of my high school career. Bit of a harsh punishment wouldn't you say for defending myself!!!
(Wow, that was a long one!!)

6. I ended up leaving school after year 10 and going to Tech like everyone did in the 80's.

7. My first ever job was at Payless Superbarn as a check out chick!!! I wagged school when i turned 14 and got a job there. Than rang mum to come and pick me up!!! lol

8. I did a clerical trianeeship at the Narrabri Shire Council when i was 18.

9. My all time favorite job was working as a bar maid at Narrabri RSL and watching the bands from behind the bar on a Friday night!!

10. I lost my licence when i was on my Ps.... (Sound familiar)  Speeding and no seat belt!

11. I was HUGE into the aerobics phase!! Remember that? Loved it! Used to go every night right up until i moved to Moree where they didn't have aerobics.

12. Yes, when i stopped doing aerobics every night i started putting on weight!!! Grr!!

13. I love to read!! Have always read of a night before i go to bed. 

14. My all time favorite person in the world appart from Stu, Mum and the kids was my Nanna Job!! I had so much respect for her and wanted to be just like her. She used to decorate the Devils Football Club Table every year and it looked awesome!!!  Funny enough i am now a wedding decorator!!! She was raised in an orphanage and had no love to speak of growing up, but the love and acceptance she had for her family was so beautiful. I know she loved me and that i bought so much joy to their lives! I miss her all the time. We used to sing songs and recite poetry and all those fun things you do with your grandparents.

15.  Once upon a time i could water ski on a single...

16. I got drunk on beer and vomited under the table for the first time at Narrabri RSL when i was 14!! Yes those were the day! No ID Checks!!!

17. I fulfilled a bucket list item in 2008 when i went to a gay bar in Brisbane!!  It was an eye opening for a country girl!! Very fascinating!!

18.  I went to see ABBA the Musical at Star City Casino in Sydney! It was awesome!!!

19. I've also seen Grease the Arena Spectacular with Craig McLaughlan in New Castle and in Tamworth!! Awesome show!!

20. Went to see ACDC in Brisbane last year as a junket!!

21. I have no tattoos but i think i would like one eventually, I just dont know what i would get?

22.  I have my right ear pearced up high to accommodate the ONE diamond earing Stu gave me as he gave the matching one to another girl!!! (Can you believe the hide of it!!)

23. My horses name was Thor. I named him that as had a lightning streak blaze down his face.. He was so sweet, alot like Solo only much bigger. He was a prize winning Stock Horse before he was broken in.

24. I've ridden a potty calf at a rodeo and i come off so hard that i never attempted it again!!!

25.  I made up my mind to change the direction of my life when i was 14 and its turned out far better than i ever had dreamed!!!

So there we are, 25 things......
Lets see how you go?

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