Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 31 - FINAL DAY

 Happy Halloween to all you ghosts and goules.....

We had a couple turn up at the door tonight...
So what does and Ghost and Goule get when you knock on the balloon ladies door?

This is half the kids from our street!!
And to think a few years ago, mine were the only 2 kids in the street.

Anyway today i went to archery!!
Its the first time in about a year
and then i went once last year....
But i used to be pretty damn good at archery and thought i might make a come back!!
This is what we were shooting today

These are called delta targets and are photos of real animals on cardboard.
The kill zone on this guy is about 5cm diameter
and he was about 5 metres away between the trees..
I got 2 kills and a wound.
There is a kill, a wound and a hit. 20, 15, 10 points score

This is another angle for the targets that they like to try..
Down through the rocks and trees.
This target was about 35 metres i think...
 This is another tricky one
you have to shoot between the rocks..
Its about 5 metres away
Killed this little bloke 3 times!! Poor guy!
 And this one is the ugliest shot on the range...
See that butt all the way at the bottom of the hill.
You stand on like a cliff face and shoot down to the butt..
Its about about 40 odd metres.
I had 2 wounds and a hit.. Was very pleased!!!
 Stu gave me a Wild Pea flower..
See in my hat 
and thought he should take a photo so i can put it on my blog.
He can be such a sweetie
 This was the second last target and i was exhausted!!!
I have a Matthews Prestige Bow with Fully adjustable site with a scope.
So i look through a peep site in my string, then through a scope like a gun.
I have a release aid like a trigger..
And that long black thing at the front is a stabiliser..
Quiet a good setup for three years ago, but a bit old fashioned now!!
I saw the most awesome bow today, it was all a lovely rose pink
with artwork on the limbs of pink flower vines!!
So Cute!!
Can you see the red scratch on my cheek?
Yeh, i was informed that my face is now to fat for my setup and thats why i keep scratching my face!!!
I got this setup when i was quiet a few kilos lighter
Maybe that might be incentive enough to get serious again hey!!! 

I would just like to thank tinniegirl
for hosting the Blogtoberfest 2010
It was great fun!!

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lindy said...

Good to see your back at archery, DS got back into it a few weeks ago ...are your feeling it yet ???


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