Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bobo & Coco Cuteness...

Arnt babies adorable!!!
Especially little fluffy babies!!
This guy totally look like a little toy!!!

Here they are enjoying some grass.....
Just for laughs:
Go check out this blog!! I found it yesterday!!
So awesome!

Day 14


lindy said...

Omg Jodi!! they are just too cute ...hey that website think i like 610 the chocolate one lol!!

Jackie / Kate said...

they are sooo sweet.. Lucy will love them !

BrigitteG said...

woww Jod !! oh my goshhh absolutely gorrrgeous those twos !! :)

Brigitte G.

Anonymous said...

sooooo sweet jodes:) i showed the girls and they are oooing and aring over them


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