Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Little Pony Birthday - @ 17

As you know,
Emelia turned 17 last week...
These are the candles she picked out for her cake several months ago..
My little pony candles
and a castle candle..
Yes 17, not 7!!!
So cute!!
Solo was so thoughtful and went out and bought these flowers for Emelia too...
He is such a lovely horsey!!!
after i had it all set out nicely for photos on the platter,
the candles ended up getting lit with the cake in the box!!!
Oh well....
Wonder what she wished for???
Day 9


Jules the Bling Princess said...

Way too cute!!! I love it - I want some candles like that for my 40th, lol!!! Good choice Emealia, and Happy Birthday! (((hugs))). Cheers, Jules.

Lauren said...

oh that's nice! I think I might have had something similar when I turned 17! :) All the best with blogtoberfest! It was great to come and find your blog!


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