Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Stuff.....................

The first bit of very exciting news that happened recently is
the Emelia got her P's!!!!
First test and she got 161 out of 162!!
I think that was the mark....
But the point is, she only dropped a minor point!!
That was on the 29th Sept.
Stu and i also celebrated our 21st
Wedding Anniversary on the 30th!
We went out to lunch
just us
to the Verdict of course...
I had these
So Yummy!!!

For those of us that have iphones
there are so many great Apps!!
I used to think "Big deal about your bloody iphone apps!!"
But then I got one and its like Yeh!! Its Awesome!!
SO anyway, one i have downloaded
is the Hispanic App.
This is what your photos look like...
This is me in my reading googles
at Emerald!!
The book in my hand is Vampire Diaries!
Here is Emelia..
She is driving to Emerald when she was still on her L's
Heres another one..
This one was a different lens.
I cant remember the different names though..
Day 8

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