Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hispanic Camera on Iphone

I tottally LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!!
So i decided to do some experimentation with films....
I tired on me,
but im not that photogenic!!!
Thankfully a much better looking model came home....
And she was in the perfect gear for a Hispanic Photo Shoot today
with her cute little cherry dress on...
She insisted that Coco get in the photos too!!
 I used the Jimmy Lens with the Kodot Verichrome film
I just used the automated flash on these shots..
I love how it bought out the colour of her lips..
Love this finish!!
All straight off the iphone with no editing...
 And no flash on this one...
Check out this awesome video from Dear Lizzy's Hubby!!
Its beautiful!!!

 Day 16

1 comment:

lindy said...

way too cool Jodi ...see some magical stuff done with it


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