Sunday, October 17, 2010

Its been a busy weekend....

Its been such a busy weekend.....
But its all over now apart from the washing!!!
Miles and miles and washing.........

Emelia and I set this wedding up on Thursday..
I think this was Emelias first one officially!
And she did such an awesome job!
I am going to find it so hard to replace her next year in so many way!!
It was like having another me!!!
She has a good eye for straight too!! I think this is the straightest and most even 
the backdrop has ever looked!!
We did the backdrop, bridal table, table clothes & runners, and chair sashes...
We went out to turn all the nights on and thought it was the perfect place for a photo opp!!
Miranda was keen, but Emelia took some coaxing!!!

Here was another wedding this weekend!!
What was it about Purple!! I knew of 3 purple weddings this weekend!!
Must be the colour of the season!!
These guys used all my gear, but set it up themselves!
They did such a great job too!
(I still have to wash it though!!!)

 Day 17

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