Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MasterBLOGchief - Learning to cook every week for a year

If Donna Hay can help 10 year olds become MasterChefs!
Surely she can help me!!

The Challenge:
To cook a Donna Hay Recipe once a week for a year!!

Anyone that knows me at all, knows that i really suck at cooking!!!
I mean suck, big time...
You know that thing where you have a knack that this and this might taste ok together...
Yeh, I dont have that!
At all

So i have decided that i am going to try to teach myself to cook
using the recipes of our fabulous Aussie chef
Donna Hay....

It would be totally AWESOME if there are other non cooks out there that would like to join with me in the journey to MasterBLOGchef!!

I am working on a Mister Linky to put on my weekly post showing what i have cooked up and how it went.
Im thinking that i might make it a Sunday post
where we share what we have done with a Mister Linky
We can pat each other on the bat and tell each other what legends we are!!!
Sounds good hey!
I know my son is really keen on Mum doing this challenge!!!

So this Sunday 30th October, i will post my first attempt at being a 

Join me

Day 25


Anonymous said...

I have signed up and have put a link on my blog for others to join in too
i am such a bad cook so yah to us for trying

Kerry said...

Good luck with this Jodi!

Jackie said...

you go girls!.. maybe I can taste test...lol

Kathleen Blommestein said...

Hi Ya Jodi! What a great idea! I will be cooking my first recipe tomorrow!! My family will love this challenge.


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