Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New addition to the "extended" family

Meet "Jack"
This is Jesse's new mate....
Normally you would see Jesse on the back of one off these...
But seeing as his girlfriend is into horses,
he thought he might give it ago too
and there are alot of other reasons..
Rounding up cows
Working on his balance......
He is really big about 16 hands...
Emelia looks like a baby on him!!!
They gave him a bit of a workout earlier in the week,
teaching him to jump.
He is a pacer, so jumping with someone on his back is new to him..
But he is such a large horse,
it seams a waste not to jump him..
Eventually he got the idea though, only over little stuff...
Jesse and Emelia took Solo for a burl this morning...
Poor Jesse, he hit the dirt pretty hard!
She had him jumping bareback!!!!
Solo escaped and we eventually caught him about 3 kms away talking to other horses!!!
Fun and games!!!

Day 7

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Big horse, I'd need a step ladder to get up there!


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