Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogerfest Day 23...... 4 things.

I saw this over at Chunkychooky and thought it would be good to do today....

It has been  changed it around a bit  as a few of us may be running out of steam in the final Blogtober stretch...
So here we go: 
4 things that I always carry: 
1. Order Book and hopefully a pen
2. My iphone
3. Wallet
4. Panadole

4 things that are in my bedroom
1. A lovely chunky solid wood and ornate steel bedroom setting. Have wanted one for years and we finally got one a few years ago.

2. Heaps and heaps of books that i have to read......

3. A selection of french perfume
4. A lovely fluffy rug I bought online....

4 Things that I would like to do but haven't done yet
1. I want to see New Zealand and Tasmania
2. Infact travel overseas in general..... Europe particularly!!! All that amaising history!!
3. I want to see both my kids paired up with the love of their lives and happy.
4. Get to an acceptable weight and stay there!!

4 things that you don't know about me: 
(Im pretty sure i have no secrets, but here i go anyway!!)1. I have competed at a World Archery Tournament and came away with a gold medal.
2. I did a 4 month stint as a Postal Worker at the local Post Office!! Let me tell you, HUGE eye opener!!!
3. I always wanted to home a house straight out of house & garden magazine
4. Im really not that afraid of much, bungy jumping, sky diving, spiders, no problem - but some people terrify me!!! Arrogant people that think they are better than anybody else give me a panic attack!!

4 things I often wonder
1. How to get over my fear of these arrogant people!!!
2. How can i afford to buy the whole new line of Prima!!!
3. Why is it that my husband thinks he is right all the time despite the fact that sometime i do prove him wrong!! Not always, but sometimes!!!
4. When is my daughter going to finally listen to the good advice offered her instead of learning everything the hard way!!!

So, you learnt anything???

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Joanne said...

Great blog post loved learning a bit more about you.


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