Monday, October 18, 2010

A Visit with Solo

Seeing as i am all alone at the moment,
i had to go out seeking some company....
So I went to torment Solo.
He is so fat at the moment, but insists he is starving!!!!

Look at the size of him!! He is supposed to be thinner in the flank, 
but its all just continuous from his shoulder to his big bum!!!!
But he looks so nice and shiny!!!
 I even managed to get a photo with him using the Hispanic setting on the iphone!
And while i was experimenting, i captured this shot...
I love how it looks like i am bathed in sunlight...
(Look out for future layout of the same name!!)

 And look at this!!
Apparently Emelia and Miranda were out having fun in the clover over the weekend
practising her slides.....
She is totally going to kill that little BMW!!! 
Day 18

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

I had a thought, how about i bring Kosmo and Jaws up and they can go out in the paddock and let Solo chase them or vise versa.
I am just getting to do some blog reading this morning, been super busy at work...will email you during the week


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