Wednesday, October 13, 2010

R.I.P Pancakes, Black Rabbit & Black Pig and Welcome to Bobo & Coco

Anyway thats been following my blog for a while
will know Pancakes, Black Rabbit & Black Pig...
They were our little fury friends in the backyard.
Bought to keep Emelia a
way from boys!!
Yep, thats how old they are!!! lol
Sadly they were attacked on Sunday Night.
We found the remains of one Rabbit.
We suspect it was Black Rabbit
but no sign of the other two. The cage had been ripped open by dogs.
Josh scared them off, but we arnt sure if they got the other two,
or if they escaped.. but they are gone..
Here is pancakes with Jules
Emelia wasn't here when it happened.
So i had to phone her and let her know!!
She was devastated of course!!
Pancakes was unique and going to be very missed....

But what better way to cheer up someone
than with BABIES!!!
Here is Bodacious...
But we call her Bobo.
Emelia found her in Armidale and she was named by Jesse..
But she is so lonely!!!
So then along came Coco...
She is so tiny and adorable..
The same breed as Pancakes.
They are in a little hutch inside at the moment
until we get them a decent dog proof hutch!!!
New babies are so cute
Day 13


Jackie / Kate said...

ohhhh toooo cute ox

phillipa said...

Oh Jodes that is sooo sad about the three bunnies but the new ones are just divine!! They are so tiny!


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